How To Make Paysum Or Rabri With Bread

How to make paysum or rabri with bread. Make it in very tasty or sweet way in just few minutes.

Preparation time - 40 mints

As we all know about the paysum the south indian sweet dish which is the most famous dish they mostly used the milk and stir for hours to make them a tough but this process takes so much time to prepare and stir very carefully but the best source to make in few time and easily prepare thus the method are given below that how to make paysum.


1. 500 ml milk

2. 3 bread slices

3. Sugar

4 . Almond crush

5. Rose essence

How to make paysum or rabri with bread

1. Cut brown corner of the bread and crush them

2. Take a pan and fry lightly bread crush till it color changes into brown

3. Now boil the milk in high flame and pour the bread crush and stir continuously till they Become tough.

4. After that freeze them for sometime and serve the dish almond crush and 2 or 3 droplets of rose essence.