How To Overcome The Fear Of Exam

How to overcome the fear of exam
Test – always test. Rare person doesn't worry when he will pass through it. However, if one manages to cope with his fear, others go for the exam in a strong nervous tension, and, almost always, the results leave much to be desired.
How To Overcome The Fear Of Exam
How To Overcome The Fear Of Exam

How To Overcome The Fear Of Exam

1)Sleep to come to the exam in good physical shape. If your body is exhausted, the nervous system is more vulnerable. Believe me, it is better to learn the answers to all the questions than to know all, but because of the excitement you will not be able to demonstrate this.

2)Do not drink coffee the night before an exam, give up this drink in the morning. Coffee will Wake you up only for a short time, and then when the effect passes, you will feel even more tired than before. If you need to prepare, and there is no power, get some sleep at least a couple of hours. When there is little time, try to lie down in the corpse pose, fully relaxed. Meditation can help you also.

3)Arrange a mock exam. Ask a friend to play the role of the teacher: let him hurt you questions that you must answer. Most importantly, do not treat the process lightly: tell him the answers the way you would do it in school. Believe me, when you find yourself on the actual exam, you will not be so scary.

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4)Try to take the exam one of the first. Standing at the door and talking with people, buzzing with excitement, you are only more scared. Don't think you have time to repeat material or to hold something: as a rule, no one can.

5)Don't ask friends, as taking the exam the teacher with whom you will meet. Know the "enemy" is, of course, useful, but the information you get from people, is unlikely to be reliable. Someone got not the question he expected, someone did not like the evaluation, - all tend to see their failures someone else's fault, in this case the guilt of the examiner.

6)Get ready to last. Whatever is said, and the man who is sure in their knowledge is much easier to cope with anxiety than one who knows that he knows nothing. The exam is created to find out who has successfully mastered the material, and not to identify Mr "nerves of steel". Learn, and you will not be able to afraid from exams.

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How to overcome the fear of the exam. Practical tips for your children to get success in exams.