How To Overcome Fear Of Dark (Achluophobia)

Fear of the dark, or get, common, usually in children of preschool age and primary school pupils. However, among adults there are those who are still afraid of the dark. Such people often have sleep disturbances, they are constantly in a restless state. To overcome fear of the dark, you first need to understand the reasons for its occurrence. This does not necessarily go to a therapist, it is quite possible to do at home.
How To Overcome Fear Of Dark
How To Overcome Fear Of Dark 

Tip 1: How to overcome fear of the dark

1)First remember when you first felt the fear of the dark, the sequence of events that accompanied. Most likely, the fear began in childhood. Focus and relive the whole gamut of emotions, try to adjust them. Imagine that all ends happily, for example, Your mother comes in your room and turns on the light. Working on your fears, settle your mind in the past, you will no longer fear them in the present.

2)People trapped in a dark room, can experience a sense of loneliness. It is dangerous, that can cause its appearance to fear of the dark. To get rid of it, an adult requires more time than the child. Take on your weapons a few simple steps: turn on the TV or put on listening to the audiobook. The feeling of presence in the men's room. Over time, the feeling of loneliness will pass and to deal with fear of the dark will be easier.

3)Adults suffering from fear of the dark prefer to sleep with the light on, as it can be difficult to cope with their imagination, which is the most creepy images and scenes that can draw in the dark . Not to get exorbitant bills for electricity, try to explore the room with the lights off: go in all corners, make sure there is nothing that could be of concern to you. You can follow the other way: gradually reduce the amount of light in the room, leave included, for example, only a table lamp or a night light.

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Tip 2: How to stop being afraid of the dark

How To Overcome Fear Of Dark
How To Overcome Fear Of Dark 

Small children are mostly afraid of the dark, and this is easily explained from the position of adaptation to the environment. More distant ancestors feared the dark because of the uncertainty and security threats emanating from her. When fear manifests itself in adults, it is desirable to solve these problems, to not run.

In the scientific literature fear of the dark or night is called achluophobia, achluophobia, get or scotophobia. From the name of the independent symptoms of this fear.

Person scares the darkness, and that it may be hiding. And the large role played by the human imagination, which may be fueled by images of the horror stories and various urban legends. Possible particularly susceptible people should minimize the impact of such frightening things.

Any person can be scared of any strange noise or squeak in the dark is quite normal. It is important to know the cause of these sounds and stop the panic. But if a person even in a day get panic thinking about the upcoming night, there will be nightmares or sleeping disorders, heart palpitation and difficulty breathing when it is dark, the problem must be solved before it drove him to a mental.

Help yourself

To get rid of the fear of the dark needs a serious deep work on yourself. However, keep in mind about your safety from a rational point of view. Walking at night through city outskirts, overcoming fear, still not worth it.

First, it is very important to have positive attitude. To find it will help special statements-affirmations that can be pronounced in free time: "In the darkness I feel comfortable", "the Darkness gives me a sense of security, etc. Need not to panic at nightfall, and say these magic words.

Secondly, it is important to approach the moment of falling asleep ready: relaxed, with an "empty" head, freed from all extraneous thoughts. If a person is worried about something, the process of falling asleep will be difficult, but a night without sleep won't forget to visit fear of the dark. You need to plan ahead for the coming day not to think about it lying down, preventing the body to relax and sleep.

Third, if you sleep in the dark, completely unacceptable for a person, you can purchase a lamp or night light with dim light. Sleeping in the bright light is not recommended by doctors, but  you can afford a little support in this plan. You can also leave the light in the next room or in the hallway to an area in the apartment.

Additionally, you can "use" your friends and relatives. As children are asked to put them next to their parents and adults sometimes for this purpose to ask for support from loving people. And Pets in this situation can be allowed to sleep on the bed or on the rug beside her. Peaceful snore of a pet close to can quickly calm the owner.

The work of specialists

Specialists (psychologists, psychotherapists or hypnotist) can help you to understand the deep-seated causes of fear and, consequently, eliminating or working cause, to get rid of it. There are several methods. The most complex but effective method for the patient is called exposure therapy. It involves the continuous immersion of a person in a frightening situation until he himself does not realize that there is nothing to worry.

The opposite method – systematic desensitization – does not imply a right to use the source of fear. First, the specialist is trying to divide the fear of the client on a few levels, and then gradually place it in a situation corresponding to the different levels. So, if you fear to be in a dark room alone, a person can first stay in a room with someone, then leave him alone, but to turn on the light, then turn off the light but keep the light source in the next room. To keep this need before the client will not be initially intimidating.This man describes his emotions, sense of control, and the specialist varies the conditions so all of this long way, the client pass without any emotional stress. The phobia involves several sessions.

Also, experts in most severe cases can use trance technique to enter the person into hypnosis and to change his beliefs against the intimidating conditions, to identify reasons and causes of childhood memories that cause fear, and to work with them.

It should be noted that to feel comfortable without light, it will never happen. This was not originally adapted to human vision, and therefore some discomfort in the dark is the normal, even for adults. It is important not to inflate out of molehills, and not to perceive the darkness as the enemy.

Useful advice

To get rid of nictophobia committed and comprehensive action: Take a walk in the fresh air before sleep, adherence to diet and sleep. In General, it is able to normalize unstable emotional state. Experts recommend to use mineral substances, vitamins B, calcium, magnesium and potassium, zinc and iron.

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How to overcome fear of dark and stop being afraid of the dark. Achluophobia remedies.