How To Overcome Fear Of Speaking

Sooner or later many of us get to be heard on public speaking. Starting with a story in kindergarten about Michael's severed paw or exams at school, ending with presentations of business projects, or simply toast with the family. But what if before the performance knees weak?
How To Overcome Fear Of Speaking
How To Overcome Fear Of Speaking

How To Overcome Fear Of Speaking

1)Think of the near future, even the unexpected performance not as a burden but as a gift. Prepare as if waiting for one of the most enjoyable moments in life. Practice in front of a mirror, record your own voice on tape. After each listening, your voice will become more confident, and you will gain the skill of eloquence.

2)Fear makes mumble even the most confident speakerif he can not control this emotion. Before you speak, use breath work. Take three slow, deep breath, full lungs, hold the air for a few seconds and exhale. You will feel peace, because the heart will jump out of his chest, and the brain is filled with oxygen.

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3)People are not afraid of the speech, and condemnation of the audience. To interest them, look them in the eye. Not for everyone, and will split the audience into three parts, paying equal attention to each of them. When you see that you are listening, you will feel confidence in your own abilities.

4)Don't worry about trying to please everyone. Focus on own competence and resourcefulness. Learn to neutralize provocative questions and give them a decent answers. To do this, think ahead about what you can ask during or after your speech, and which answer you consider most appropriate.

5)Not to be trapped, prepared in advance. This is perhaps the most effective way of all suggested above. If you understand the material, know how to explain it "your own words", leave the audience with a confident smile, straighten your shoulders and compete at the highest level.

Useful advice

Pay attention to appearance. Try to look perfect, you should be comfortable, not constrain movement. After all, even high heels or too tight shoes can be a source of additional excitement to the audience.

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How To Overcome Fear Of Speaking, Get rid of your fear of speaking in front of many people.