How To Overcome Fear Of Flying (Aerophobia)

Called aerophobia fear of flying on airplanes and other aircraft. This is a very common fear that prevents to live a full life. However, A person can with this type of phobia. If you enter the number of people experiencing panic at the sight of the ticket, do not despair. By following simple recommendations you will be able to say goodbye to your aerophobia.
How To Overcome Fear Of Flying (Aerophobia)
How To Overcome Fear Of Flying (Aerophobia)

How To Overcome Fear Of Flying (Aerophobia)

1)First understand the problem. Start at the beginning. Read about safety. Examine the statistics and compare the risk to aircraft passengers and motorists. You will see that the plane is the safest mode of transport.

2)Do not focus on the upcoming mission. Try not to focus on it. Think about the upcoming trip and about the many events that await you on vacation.

3)Determine in what part of the body fear is the most noticeable (chest, abdomen, throat, etc.). Then imagine you are breathing through it. Feel on the exhale it gradually relaxes, and the fear disappears.

4)Try to realize that your flight is a standard action, the same as by car or any other transport vehicle and is a no-brainer.

5)Gather in advance all the things below before you leave home you should not have any panic about the fact that you forgot something or did not.

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6)Leave for the airport in advance to avoid unnecessary disturbances due to a possible delay on the flight.

7)Take a laptop, book, player with pleasant music or a laptop with movies you wanted to see. Most importantly, get yourself a exciting activity that will distract you from unwanted thoughts and unfounded fears.

8)Put sedatives in your purse . If necessary, take them. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can cause tachycardia, angina, increase in blood pressure, increase the sense of fear, etc.

9)Do not wear narrow and tight clothes in flight. It should not interfere with the blood circulation and hamper your movements. Prefer free things from natural fabrics. Select comfortable shoes.

10)Before the flight and the plane do not drink coffee. Caffeine will increase your anxiety.

11)Remember that the pilots are responsible not only for the lives of passengers, but also for their. So they will do everything necessary to ensure the flight is safe and as comfortable as possible.

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How To Overcome Fear Of Flying (Aerophobia),Called aerophobia fear of flying on airplanes and other aircraft