How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear Of Communication

Despite the fact that by nature man is a social being but apart from that he feels problem in communicating with others. In psychology this phenomenon is known as the fear of communication. Problems can seriously complicate a person's life, preventing a successful career or establish a personal relationship. Therefore, the question of how to overcome the fear of communication, has long moved from the category of scientific research in the sphere of everyday reality.
How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear Of Communication
How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear Of Communication

How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear Of Communication

1)Very often the fear of communication occurs due to the inability to understand the emotions and behavior of people. People can't understand the opposite reaction to their actions, hear others, does not know how to recognize and appreciate their feelings. As a result of numerous misunderstandings and miscommunication builds up resentment, bitterness, shame on people. In the end, all this translates into a reluctance to have any contact out of fear of re-experience unpleasant emotions.

2)The second common cause of fear of communication is total lack of confidence, fear of making a mistake and displease others. Often the system of education form such an attitude, when the child first and foremost, require unquestioning obedience, not delving into his own experiences. The little man quickly comes to the conclusion that it is better to avoid contact than to risk running into punishment or criticism.In adulthood these children's problems very seriously interfere to establish good professional and personal relationships: people just do not know how to behave correctly to get the desired result.

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3)To overcome the fear of communication and learning to interact successfully with others is in two ways. First, you can enlist the help of professional psychologists. Unfortunately, this way, despite its effectiveness, is not always available. Or there is just no qualified psychologist  within reach, or no means to pay for his services. In this case, only the option of self-overcoming is available for the fear of communication.

4)The first thing to learn is the necessity of constant practice. You cannot overcome your psychological problems in communication only by reading the literature. To learn how to safely communicate and defend their opinion, you need to start to communicate. It is important to understand that your confidence and calm when dealing directly dependent on the number of acquired practical experience. It is also important to remember that positive changes will not happen in one day, will have to be patient.

5)The first exercise to master, is the transfer of attention from your experiences on the process of communication. Instead of thinking about what impression you make on the interlocutor, try to focus on the source, be interested in them. There is a curious correlation: the less you concentrate on what sort of impression you make on people, eating better it will be. The naturalness and spontaneity is the key to successful communication in many situations. Catching the feeling of lightness during a conversation with one person, try to reproduce it when dealing with others, even strangers. Gradually the practice will do its work and you will gain invaluable experience of successful communication with others.

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How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear Of Communication, These Expert Tips Will Solve Your Problem.