4 Solid Ways To Recover From 21 April Google Algorithem

How to recover from 21st April Google search engine mobile responsive algorithm. 4 perfect ways to regain the lost traffic.

Everyone is talking about 21st april. Every blogger webmaster is worried because google is going to update its search algorithm. This search algorithm is basically a pointing towards mobile view. in simple words I would like to say that if your website is very well optimised for mobile then you are going to get search engine traffic. And if your website or say blogspot blog is not optimised for mobile view then you will get less search engine traffic because those who have optimise their blog for mobile view will outrank your blog. Definitely there are many tutorials about how to optimise your website for mobile view. But today we are sharing what you have to do if you get less search engine traffic after 21st april 2015. Because there are many new bie bloggers that don't know how to optimise their website for mobile layout and if you are reading this article right now then I am sharing few tips through which you will get enormous benefit by this search engine algorithm update.

Where is this search engine algorithm focusing?

This search engine algorithm of google is focusing on mobile responsiveness. So pretty make sure that your website is perfectly optimised for mobile. But do you know how you can optimise your website or a blogger blog for mobile view?

What you need to do?

So these are few tips that you can apply if you want to optimise your website for mobile layout and want to get benefit from 21st april google search engine algorithm for mobile responsiveness. 

First change your template and find superb blogger template which is perfectly optimised for mobile view. There are various websites which provide you free blogger template that are optimised for desktop as well as mobile and any other platforms. So to get the full benefit of this 21st april search engine algorithm you need to use such template which is optimised for every type of platform like desktop, mobile, tablets and any other.

 The second thing that you have to do after changing your mobile template is remove any type of slideshow which is based on javascript because you are optimised them for desktop view what happens when you insert in slideshow manually in a blogger post on blogger widget then you set width in px which is not going to work in mobile you apart from that you need to change the px values into percentage so that it can appear appropriately in mobile you also. So if you don't know about html and css then the good thing will be removed all the slideshows and just use the images. Because you need to make your web page faster because google is also going to notice what is the page loading speed of your webpage. 

Another thing that I would like to discuss with you is that google will scan your every single page it doesn't mean that if your website home page is optimised for mobile view then it means that all of your web pages are optimised for mobile. Apart from that every single page will be indexed into the list. So these are the few basic things that you need to monitor and change your blogger template. 

The fourth thing that is very important is if you have made all the necessary changes like changing your blogger template, removing slide shows based on javascript and optimising your website for mobile view using % in css. Then login to your google webmaster tool and find the fetch as url option. Then copy your blog address and paste into the google search url option below this you will see a drop down option there click on the mobile layout and after that hit on fetch. 

Through thid You are noticing google that I have optimised my blog or website for mobile view and please index my website.so these are the things that you have to do before 21st april 2015.

But if you are reading this article after 21 april and even then you can do this. If you apply these process immediately than definitely you will get enormous search engine traffic. Because now a days when we login to google analytics and see the traffic platforms then you will be surprised to see that 60 percent traffic is coming from high end mobile devices and even earning from google adsense is coming from high end mobile devices. So this is a clear signal from google that optimise your website for mobile view and provide a great user experience.