How To Make Mango Sondesh At Home

How to make mango sondesh at home.A very smart and short cut method for making it in very sweet and tasty way.

As we know that sondesh is very famous of ultimate sweet dish of kolkata but it takes very long duration for prepare but now we have very simple way to make sondesh in home easily thus the process is very easily and familiar and we made easily in our home . We know that summer are started and mango is come the king of fruits so now the combination of sondesh with mango is ultimate combination to make easily in home easily.

Preparation time -40 mints


1. Home made paneer( chena)

3. Elaichi with sugar powder( comfit with sugar)

How to make mango sondesh at home.

1. Spread the paneer properly with light hand and mash properly

2. Then pour the sugar and elachi powder in the paneer mixture

3. Cut or chop the mango pieces now .

4. Made the bolls of paneer mixture and settle the mango pieces in the bolls and then set in the freezer

5. After 2 and 3 hours serve in the plates.