How To Get Rid Of Shyness

Everyone from time to time experience shyness. However, if shyness is a prominent feature of your character, it is desirable to deal with it. Otherwise, increased shyness and timidity can prevent the implementation of many of your plans.
How To Get Rid Of Shyness
How To Get Rid Of Shyness

Tip 1: How to get rid of shyness

1)To overcome shyness, first and foremost, determine the cause. Perhaps you are not satisfied with their appearance or do you feel shy due to a speech defect (for example, slight stutter)? Maybe it's the fact that you consider yourself not very interesting to talk to?Whatever the cause, all of these problems can be resolved. The easiest way to change your appearance (to update your wardrobe, visit a stylist, etc.). With speech defects to help you specialist. And to find interesting topics for conversation, just increasingly interested in what is happening around and read more.

2)If you can't identify a specific cause of your shyness, most likely, your shyness is based on what you used to consider yourself shy. Try to overcome shyness, "examples" on the image self-confident person. To begin practice behave more relaxed in the home when no one sees you. Go right and more importantly, speak loudly and firmly. Gradually you feel that you can behave among other people.

3)To overcome shyness you can take the example of someone you know, who do you think relaxed. Please note, as this leads to familiar yourself to different situations. When you do find yourself in a similar situation, try to emulate his behavior.

4)Defeat shyness and you can with a nearly opposite actions. Look among your friends the person you believe much more timid and shy than you. And then take over it "patronage", that is try to get rid of shyness. By helping him you help yourself.

5)To finally overcome shyness, every time when you feel shy, imagine the worst scenario. You can get a waiver? You do not pay attention? You scolded? In the end, all is not so scary, that everyone faces. Much harm waiver or even verbal rudeness never hurt, therefore, you will be able to survive it and move on.

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Tip 2: How to get rid of tightness

If you are confusing your shyness with delicacy, good breeding and tact, it probably disturbs you very much to live. People can not always sit in its shell, it is necessary to communicate, obtain information, share it with other people. Sometimes shyness simply does not allow you to achieve what you are entitled to by right, because you are not able even to assert his claim. Need to get rid of hesitation and understand that you are a member of the society, as your spiteful tongue colleagues and friends.

1)Get rid of shyness complex, It can be with the help of a psychologist, and you can independently arrange a training. Start with what is easiest communication with people on the street. Coming back home from work, give yourself a task, ask "what time?" at least 10 strangers got to meet you. After two or three days it will be very easy to make.

2)After a week of this workout will complicate the task, change the question to one that can confound and involves communication. For example: "Where are sold green whistles?". Someone will pass by and someone would talk and laugh together with you, and you realize that no one is going to hurt you, and there's nothing wrong even in such a humorous conversation.

3)Sign up for language courses. This is a great workout when you have your shyness to deal with the fact that you will pronounce foreign phrases that will make the inevitable mistake. Communication with the teacher is also able to heal you from excessive shyness and shyness.

4)Try to rehearse your answers to some standard questions and topics. Consider what you can speak to in the company of colleagues or strangers, what questions and answers you can ask and give practice speech templates that will automatically say, without hesitation. After a while they will not have need – you will begin to freely improvise in a conversation, support the dialogue and feel free to make contact.

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How to get rid of shyness and tightness. These expert tips will help you to be confident among people.