How To Overcome The Obsessive Fear

If the person experiences fear, there is nothing wrong. Even the brave might fear. After all, the sense of fear was originally inherent in man since the beginning of civilization, and it helped him survive, learn to behave with reasonable care. But what if fear takes clearly unhealthy, excessive form, it becomes Intrusive, i.e. it turns into a phobia?
How To Overcome The Obsessive Fear
How To Overcome The Obsessive Fear

How To Overcome The Obsessive Fear

1)First of all, do not engage in self-flagellation type: I am a coward, I'm afraid of heights (or public speaking, the dark, spiders, dogs). Think about it: even world-famous people, including famous heroes, had fits of fear. There is absolutely nothing shameful. The main thing - do not let fear take over. to deprive of the ability to think sensibly.

2)Try to remember what's the origin of your phobia. If you are afraid of dogs, then you are almost certainly in early childhood, bitten or scared by a dog. Try to calm yourself in such a logical argument: indeed, among the people there are criminals, but that does not mean that we should shy away from everyone, considering him a villain. Good people are still much more. Same is the case with dogs: not every one of them "dreams", as if to bite you.

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3)You panic and fear of deep water? I do not whether it runs from the day when your father or older brother decided to teach you to swim, pushing the water? Supposedly, he will float, fearing I would drown. Alas, this cruel method is still practiced sometimes not the smartest people. The result is deadly scared, instilling fear of water. Try to convince yourself: you don't have to answer all your life for this stupid act. Swim is not at all difficult. Try to learn to tread water, going into water on a belt or in the pool.As soon as you will understand and feel that the water holds you, an obsessive fear of drowning will pass quickly.

4)Or are you afraid of airplanes? Yes, many people like the idea that they may be high above the ground, moving with great speed. They are frightened of their own helplessness, complete dependence on the skill of the crew, the technical condition of the aircraft. This is understandable and natural. But try to calm yourself, remembering that the plane according to statistics, the safest form of transport.

5)In extreme cases, seek help with an experienced psychologist.

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How to overcome the obsessive fear. These expert tips and ways will help you to get rid of your fear.